BodyMindSpirit Psychological Services - Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Performance Enhancement
Cost of services is based on recommended fees established by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta
Fee Schedule (Based upon a 50 minute session)
 As of November 1, 2016
Service                                                                                                           Per Hour
Individual Therapy                                                                                          $190
Individual Assessment                                                                                    $190
Couple/Family Therapy                                                                                   $190
Group Therapy                                                                                                $60 (per person)
Fees are not covered by Alberta Health Care. Most private supplemental health insurance plans such as Blue Cross and Health Spending Accounts frequently cover a portion if not all of the fees (actual amounts vary from plan to plan).
Reduced group fees are available for amateur sport teams. Enquiries may be directed to: or at 403 860-7247.
Benefits can be used for performance enhancement services.
Fees are paid at the end of each session by cash or cheque only. A receipt will be issued at this time, which can then be submitted directly to your insurance company for complete or partial reimbursement.
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