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I found Rea during the pandemic when I was seeking a way to use my benefits and thought, why not? Little did I know how much she would change my life. Together, we uncovered and healed many false beliefs and unprocessed events which were holding me back. Her use of innovative techniques, such as CRM and Havening, process these issues on the spot and I can honestly say that after each session, the emotional charge on the topic at hand was completely gone. She has a background rooted in science (nursing, psychotherapy), but it is her belief in and application of emotion-based tools which sets her apart from typical talk therapy. Empathetic, knowledgeable and supportive, I can’t recommend her more highly. The reflection of my healing in life’s recent events is stunning. Thank you, Rea!”

Danielle B.

Hi Rea,

"I wanted to let time go by before giving recommendations as to what you do in your practice. I can certainly now attest to your program and what EMDR therapy does provide.

Frankly, I am so amazed at what has happened to me with the few meetings we did have. I have completely become at peace with myself. I did not realize what the real issue was until meeting with you and learning about EMDR therapy. And as you know, I had been going to counselling for several years previous to our first session. I had challenges from my previous marriage, moves, deaths, but did not really comprehend what the real devil in me was until you unearthed it with your knowledge and expertise.

What can I say.....I am so grateful that I was recommended to you. I am 56 years of age now, and have never felt more at peace with ME, my family, my relationships and my work. Even though life is full of ups and downs, I can honestly say that I am so grounded and deal with the good or bad on an even keel. My family mostly has noticed how I am now; with much more calmness dealing with whatever comes along.

Once again, I am so grateful and appreciative of your program and will always recommend you and your services to anyone who wishes to live in peace. What a beautiful feeling".


Hello Rea,

"I wanted to send a note to thank you for all of your time and help last year. The various types of therapy we did (EMDR and Energy Healing) has made some wonderful changes in my life....In the months since our therapy ended, I have noticed many positive changes in me.I’m reconnecting with myself and starting to be the person I was when I was younger. Happy, hopeful and strong. My mind is no longer filled with thoughts of inadequacy and negativity towards myself. Since ending my sessions with you, with little or no change in effort from before, I am losing weight. I no longer look at myself and see a fat person or concentrate on my flaws.

I cannot say enough good things about this mode of therapy....I've been in counselling off and on over the years, but this is the first time that I have truly felt healed and closure. Often in the past I have left counseliing feeling I was dealing with more issues than what I had started with....I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of your help. I hope you know how wonderful you are and how much you have touched my life. Thank you so much. 



Hi Rea,

"I want you to know, you have changed my life. I say, saved my life because when I met you last December, I was at the end of my rope. Your guidance, skill as a professional - just everything I experienced, gave me what I needed to make a change (many changes!) and feel like a person again. I am struggling to find the right words to describe the feeling when I look back, so the best thing is to say:

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you THANK-YOU!

Very best regards,


Hi Rea

I just wanted to send a short note to say a huge thank you. Your compassion, kindness, insight and professionalism were a welcomed balm in the midst of the turmoil I was feeling when we first met. Introducing me to “Havening” has been a tool/gift that I can now use again and again.


Margaret D.

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